About Felicita Homes Deco

Welcome to gallery Felicita Homes Deco of wallcoverings and curtain which offers a wide spectrum of contemporary and classic selections to provide the ultimate ID solutions for your dream home or office.


Every design is an inspired expression of artistry and creativity which adds dimension to your living architecture.
Our offer of exquisite designs, intricate textures and colorful prints at friendly prices is an affordable luxury not to be misses. 

Motivated by the passion to provide the ultimate solution in interior wall decoration, Felicita Homes Deco has been established to become the specialist in providing high quality ID products and professional services to customers. 

We provides more than 8000 choice of wallpaper design for your choice imported from Korea, Germany, Japan, US and China with affordable price.  


Besides that we also having more than 10,000 choice for curtain fabrics from Turkey, Taiwan,Thailand and China.  

Our services complement our extensive product range. We believe in creating convenience for our customers in all aspects of our business.