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Customer Responsibilities

The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the order, so be sure to read through the order details and check the product numbers, and quantities. The product is packaged in single unit to be easily carried and transported.

PLEASE NOTE: At the time you pick up your order, you MUST check for damages and/or missing items, and note that accordingly on the paperwork. It's a good idea to have a copy of your invoice with you, so you can verify you received all of the items ordered. If you ordered more than one item, please open the to make sure all of the product are present and undamaged before signing. If you do not check the materials yourself, please make certain that the person signing for them checks for damaged or missing items.  We take care to package all products for shipping with protection in mind to prevent damages.  We cannot be held responsible for any damages or shortages that occur after the product leaves our possession. Before picking up your merchandise please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team by phone 605-6922875 or email to felicitadeco@hotmail.com